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Brooke Shields, who started her modeling career as a child. But she
quit her modeling career to study at Princeton.
University, her intention was to finish her studies and finally give up.
completed it in 1983 in Romance languages. She starred in
12 years in 1978’s Pretty Woman by Louis Mallet. The beauty was
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Due to her studies, she showed no particular interest in acting or modeling, but
later, after completing her studies, she joined Hollywood and saw in
minor roles in the cinema. Vogue is one of the top selling magazines
all over the world, while Brooke Shields only 14 years old worked as a model in
1990 – the youngest fashion model for Vogue magazine. … Her career has grown to
the earliest due to the early appearance on the Hollywood screen, which is also with the leading
role and by the age of 16 she was one of the most recognizable faces in childhood
actress and model. After the first films, the screen had another chance.
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Brooke Shields was born on May 31, 1965 in Manhattan, New York.
married to famous tennis player Andre Agassi in 1993, divorced,
she later married Chris Henchy in 2001. Although everything in her life was good.
in 2005 she was going through postpartum depression, she talked about
her experience of depression and medication. Brooke Shields
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why did I collect some of these pictures in this article … She was a fitness lover
and promoted fitness physically, being a feminist, she promoted female athletes,
also an animal lover who thinks there are greens, a vegan. Brooke Shields
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