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Candice Christina Patton, also known as Candice Patton, was born
June 24, 1985. This is mainly an American actress,
best known for its audience for the role of the Irish West in
series, Flash … This CW program made her an actress.
tried to achieve. She has also been seen in a BET production
TV series, game.

She is originally from the Jackson area of ​​Mississippi, USA. After
after graduating from the eastern high school of Plano, this beauty continued to study
theater at the renowned Southern Methodist University where she studied theater
and the method of acting, graduated in 2007.
year of study at the university, in 2004 she continued to compete in the nationwide
auditioning for a role in the series Young and Restless. IN
the competition resulted in her winning the post alongside another friend of hers.
In 2008, she became the lead actress for the series.
Sorority Forever, and also made her independent film debut with

In 2017, she won the Saturn Award for Best TV.
actress in the industry. She’s not just an actress making a fortune.
for herself, she believes that she will pay society … She is an activist and
the charity worker who co-founded Shethority with her
co-actor friend, Patton. The company mainly works for empowerment
women all over the world, making them understand the reason for their
goal and self-development. She worked through a supportive woman
power through its organization.

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