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An American actress and model – that’s what distinguishes a beautiful woman named Danneel.
Eccles. She was mainly born on March 18, 1979. She welcomes
from the town of Lafayette, which is located in Louisiana … She was raised
in the town of Eunice before making it big in Hollywood. Her name was
as Danneel Harris until 2012, after which she changed her real
name. After completing the required degree and college, she decided to move to
city ​​of Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling and

She really gained her popularity through acting, but before she
was an actress, she had a brilliant career in modeling. She was
was born to his father, Edward E. Grail, Jr., who was a former practitioner
ophthalmologist, as well as the mother of Deborah Graul, who worked
designer by profession. She has also worked with brands like Big Sexy Hair.
and also Juicy Jeans during her modeling career … In 2003
She made her acting debut for the American Broadcasting Company Soap Opera.
TV series, One Life to Live.

She also worked on TV series like JAG, Charmed, What I Like About You.
Joey and many others who brought her even more popularity. She also did
some thrillers such as 2009 Roommate and many others to name them. it
also starred in TV series such as Supernatural, The Christmas Contract and The CW.
TV series One Tree Hill and more. In 2010, she tied the knot with Jensen Ackles.
supernatural actor. Harris’ first film was the short film Plight.
Clownery. She worked with the industry with a spectacular glamor effect.

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