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Alisha Marie was born on April 5, 1993. Alisha Marie was born in
Riverside, California, United States of America. Alisha Marie is fashion and
beautician, whose eponymous YouTube channel has collected in abundance
seven million supporters … Alisha Marie is known for posting messages every day
schedule of notes, cosmetic training exercises and moderate design
thoughts. In 2018, Alisha Marie began digital recording titled
Pretty simple. Alisha Marie joined the YouTube world on April 18 this year.
2008, however, did not broadcast its first video until January 17, during

Outstanding among her most famous recordings, FUNNY PRANKS !! THE ROOMMATE
WARS !! has collected over twenty five million views. Alisha Marie
over 3.8 million followers on Instagram. Alisha Marie was born in Riverside,
California, United States of America. Alicia’s more famous sister Marie
Ashley appeared in the 2014 video for Sister Tag. Alisha Marie as often as possible
vlogging with a separate YouTuber and dear companion Eva Gutowski.

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