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Belinda Joe Carlisle was born on August 17, 1958 under the name Belinda Carlisle.
american artist … Belinda Carlisle has increased overall popularity as
Go-Go’s Lead Vocalist, Outstanding Top Girl Group
ever, and continued a productive profession as a performance art
demonstration. Belinda Carlisle grew up in Southern California.
musical profession in 1977 as drummer of the Los Angeles punk band The Germs
and joined Go-Go as lead vocalist after the band’s performance.
in 1978. Their presentation topping the chart releases Beauty and the Beat in
1981, a collection of advanced new wave music in the United States and was
the main all-female band in history, who composed their own tunes and played
their own collection building tools # 1. Go-Go has
sold over 7 million records worldwide … After the collapse of Go-
In 1985, Belinda Carlisle took up a prolific solo career at Go.
with radio hits like Frantic About You, I Get Weak, Hover in the
Sand, leave the lights on and heaven is a place on earth, among other things,
which were real triumphs in the USA, Great Britain and around the world

Belinda Carlisle’s memoir album, Lips Unsealed, distributed June 2010,
was voted a New York Times bestseller and received good reviews. August 11, 2011
Go-Go Man Belinda Carlisle Got A Star In Hollywood
Walk of Fame. Belinda Joe Carlisle was conceived in Hollywood, Los Angeles,
California August 17, 1958 Harold Carlisle, service station worker,
and his significant other, Joan Thompson, a housewife. Belinda Carlisle
mom met her father, who was twenty years older than her, at eighteen, and Belinda
Carlisle was born nine months later … Belinda Carlisle was
named after her mom’s favorite movie, Johnny Belinda, 1948.
Belinda Carlisle was the first of seven relatives, had three siblings and three
sisters. When she was five years old, Belinda’s father Carlisle refused
their family, and she said she burned most
her youth is poor. In her youth, Belinda Carlisle argued: well, two
outfits. According to Belinda Carlisle, her mother was religious and her father
did not have.

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