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Arian Nicole Andrew, aka Cameron, was born on November 3, 1987 in
Northridge, Los Angeles, California. They think very little of her family.
Cameron has a younger sister, Ania, and a younger brother,
Quentin … Cameron attended Granada Hills Charter High School where
Cameron was an actor from a drama club. … Cameron in
this item went to California State University, Northridge. Cameron
earned a BA in Commercial Advertising and a BA in Brain Research.
Cameron worked as a behavior advisor for medically introverted children in the North.
Hollywood before it became a professional wrestler. Her wrestling venture
began after Cameron took part in the off-air form Diva Search in
2011. Ability Contest hosted and supported by World Wrestling.
Entertainment ”(WWE). Shortly thereafter, Cameron said in an expert
wrestling without a script for the television arrangement Extreme Enough. Cameron was
the main participant should be excluded from the show this year due to lack of
passion for wrestling … Despite the fact that Cameron did without
from Intense Enough Cameron immediately stated that Cameron was offered
another agreement from WWE.

Cameron was then spotted leading the Florida Wrestling Championship.
(FCW) will appear at home. Cameron introduced herself on July 7, 2011 and made her
the first conflict in the ring on July 9 as Cameron Lynn in the Div fight
imperial. Cameron faced divas, for example, Raquel Diaz, Sonya, Oksana,
and Audrey Marie, and was the first one got rid of. In October 2011 Cameron
She made her television debut alongside Byron Saxton in the FCW TV scene. Cameron was
she was also joined by her future accomplice Naomi Knight in the match against Leah.
West that Knight won. On October 23, Cameron starred with Naomi in
a triumphant match against Kaylee Turner and Caitlyn. January 9, 2012
Cameron debuted on WWE roster with Naomi when they wanted to celebrate
arrival of Broadus Clay … Cameron has also been one of the best WWE yearbooks.
WrestleMania XXVIII occasion with Naomi. December 16, 2012 Cameron
made her debut on the Broadcasting Guidelines in the film Santa’s Little Helpers
fight the imperial on the TLC preview: tables, stairs and chairs. IN
The Royal fight was won by Naomi, who faced Eva Torres for the Divas.
Championship title.

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