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Deborah Jane Kerr-Trimmer, pseudonym Deborah Kerr, was born in Helensburg,
Scotland, September 30, 1921. Deborah Kerr’s father was
a military specialist named Captain Arthur Kerr-Trimmer, and her mother was Kathleen.
Rose flower. Deborah Kerr had a younger brother, Edmund. … Deborah Kerr started
practicing skillful dance exercises from the age of five and selected at St.
Marthas School in Surrey and later at Northumberland House
School in Clifton, Bristol. At sixteen, Deborah Kerr went to her
Aunt Phyllis Smiles Hicks-Smale Drama School in Bristol. Deborah Kerr started
participating in creative work at the Outside Theater in Regent Park, London and
changed her name to Deborah Kerr. Deborah Kerr made her stage debut in
Harlequin and Columbine in 1937. In 1938, Deborah Kerr struck
dance floor with an expressive dance group in Prometheus, created by
Sadler’s Wells Theater School. Deborah Kerr performed in the Oxford repertoire
Company from 1939 to 1940 … Deborah Kerr was offered a five-year contract and
her first job was in 1939, when she was filming for the Bootie drama agency.
has never been viewed.

Deborah Kerr starred in the film adaptation of Bernard Shaw’s ‘Major’.
Barbara, and then ahead of the pack in Worship for Unemployment Insurance.
1940 year. The chief of England Michael Powell gave her a job in the film Life.
and the death of Colonel Airship in 1943, when Deborah Kerr appeared.
three times. In 1943, Deborah Kerr continued with the London arrangement.
George Bernard Shaws adapted Tragedy House. 1945 Deborah Kerr
visited Europe with the play ‘Gas Light’ to fight the British troops. Deborah
Kerr starred in another British film, Dark Narcissus in 1947.
1947 Deborah Kerr moved to Hollywood, where Deborah Kerr played in
Merchants in 1947, Ruler of the Solomon Mines in 1950 and Quo
Vadis in 1951. Deborah Kerr appeared in the films Julius Caesar and
From here to Eternity in 1953 … Deborah Kerr made her too
Broadway debut in 1953 in every starring role in Tea and Sympathy. IN
In 1955, Deborah Kerr played in the performance of Graham Greene’s film “
End of the novel. Deborah Kerr restored similar work during the construction phase.
1956 and starred in Rogers and Hammerstein film form
adaptation of King and me around the same time.

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