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Dorothy Jean Dandridge, alias Dorothy Dandridge, was conceived on November 9th.
in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio. Dorothy Dandridge’s mom, artist
Ruby Dandridge left her soul mate while Dorothy Dandridge was
pregnant, and all things considered, Dorothy never knew her father … Dorothy
Later, Dandridge survived because of her mother’s lover Geneva Williams
slave truck from the merciless side. Pushed at a great time at a young age
her mom, Dandridge performed with her sister Vivian, both melody and movement
a group called Wonder Children. The young ladies performed throughout
South, playing dark prayer houses and different places. Around 1930
Dandridge moved to Los Angeles, California with her family. A few years
after Dorothy Dandridge discovered achievement with her new
melodic gathering, the Dandridge sisters, including Sister Vivian and
their companion Etta Jones. Fees landed at concerts at the famous Cotton
Club in Harlem and has performed with top performers such as Jimmy Lunsford.
Orchestra and Cab Calloway … As an African American vocalist, Dandridge grew up
immediately against media isolation and bigotry.

Dorothy Dandridge may have been allowed in front of the public, but in
In some scenes, Dorothy Dandridge was unable to eat at the diner or use
some offices in the light of her skin tone. In his youth, Dandridge
started working part-time in various films. Dorothy Dandridge and her
sister appeared in Great Marx Brothers Day at the races of the year
1937, same as Going Places in 1938 with Louis Armstrong. All alone,
Dorothy Dandridge took to the dance floor with Harold Nicholas from a moving
The Nicholas Brothers in Sonny Henie’s 1941 Melodic Sun Valley Serenade. IN
the team’s movement routine was cut from the film adaptation that appeared in
south. Dandridge married Harold Nicholas in 1942, but their
the association demonstrated something other than joyful. Nikolay
allegedly preferred to pursue other ladies, and Dandridge, in every sense and
Targets abandoned this time … Adding to stress after
Dandridge gave birth to a little girl named Harolyn in 1943, they found that
the young lady had a brain injury. In search of a solution, Dandridge had to
Harolyn will receive costly personal scrutiny for a long time.

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