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Ezra Knightwalker is a member of the Edolas Kingdom, she is the Royal Army.
Captain of the 2nd Division of the Magic War. She is Erza’s counterpart in Edolas.
Scarlet. Erza Knightwalker has a very sexy body with great virtues … She has
long, loose, wavy scarlet hair, stylishly tied in a loose knot on
back. Later, her hair was cut to a short bob to try and help her.
The troops distinguish her from her version of Earth Land, Ezra Scarlet.

Ezra Knightwalker wears a very provocative costume consisting of
exposing the halter-style bib top that pretty much leaves her
the neckline and belly are bared, and on the forearms there are gloves / leggings in light armor.
and forelegs respectively, as well as on her thighs. She wears a dark bikini
from below, along with a piece of fabric hiding her slender thighs.

While she may look sexy and desirable, Erza Knightwalker is a sadist.
and savage. She shows no mercy to her enemies and kills them in
composure … She values ​​her title highly and therefore believed that
be a personal insult when Lucy informed her that Erza Scarlet was persistent
an ally of the Guild of Tales of Earth Earth, whose loyalty to his friends was
No doubt about it. This made her even more hostile than she was before.
Lucy, and she killed her by throwing her from a great height.

Knightwalker considers her proud as a captain of the Royal Army and the fact
that Karla herself forced her prostate to kneel, seemed to hurt her
ego. When Panther Lily informed her about Happy and Carla’s rebel
status (compounded by the fact that Karla retrieved information about
Natsu and Wendy’s whereabouts from her, falsely claiming that they belong to Shagotte
daughter. That’s why she became the first Nightwalker target to be killed. But,
her winning streak made her cocky and arrogant. She is not
take it kindly when she is hit, as seen when Erza Scarlet momentarily
defeated her offscreen … After her last defeat by Erza Scarlet, Knight
acts softer, according to the words of his opponent.

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