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Iris Mareike Steen was born on November 6, 1991 in g.
Hamburg. She is a German actress.

Iris Mareike Steen has been working in the television industry since 2002.
worked in numerous theaters in her hometown … She plays different instruments
like drums, guitar and piano, and in 2005 she even recorded a CD
under the name Zick Zack Schabernack under the pseudonym Gl├╝xxkind. Between 2006 and
2011 she starred for ZDF -Vorabendserie Here Comes Kalle
Merle Andresen. Since December 2010 she has played the role of Lilly Seefeld in
RTL – Daily Soap Good times, bad times. In 2015, Steen started using nude.
in the September issue of the German Playboy magazine. Since October 2017 Steen
was married to a police officer. 2018 Steen took part in the 11th
season of the RTL Let’s Dance show.

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