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Isabella Ferrari was conceived on March 31, 1964. Isabel
Ferrari was born in Tony Del’Oglio Piacenza. Isabella Ferrari aka Isabella
Fogliazza currently stands out among the best and best Italian
artists … Isabella Ferrari’s presentation dates back to 1981 in
TV program Gianni Boncompagni Sotto le Stelle, assortment made
popular TV channel Pygmalion. In the end, to a certain extent
thanks to these performances, which amazed the audience for
the sweetness and tenderness of Isabella’s highlights. Isabella Ferrari won too
Miss Teen title. Isabella Ferrari at that time was
received recognition for his first film, Saporé di Mare, coordinated through
Carlo Vanzina in 1982. Isabella Ferrari’s work was fragile.
and an innocent young lady somewhat unlucky in love – a character who
made the hearts of a huge number of Italians beat and climb
the cumulative creative mind of the ideal lover … Put it
downright turning for some adults into a fantasy and a fragile symbol
for young people it turns out to be much more after his subsequent film,
Saporé di Mare 2 – in a year.

Isabella Ferrari is still very small, but it’s not me
from the understanding that Isabella Ferrari really fears getting caught
the work of a beautiful and great young lady, a platitude that would prevent her
other creative tasks. Simply put, the risk is to absorb
profession, recording young and casual films that, while important and
entertaining remain somewhat limiting. In fact, Isabella
expressive abilities of completely different depths, simply
Isabella Ferrari at first thinks it’s hard to demonstrate
Everyone needs it on a seductive and simple doll set. Isabella Ferrari
wants, her desires are far from the picture of the postman, which rhymes with
worn out that stuck to it … Isabella Ferrari needs to be driven
troublesome work, with complex stories and characters,
generous thickness. Having said that, he made an objection film called Annal of
insulted love in 1995, organized by Giacomo Battiato, filmed openly
from a story in the book of Anna Maria Pellegrino’s magazine about an attacker or
1996 Lodging Paura, where he performs alongside Sergio Castellitto; or one day
what’s more, films like K, the 1997 French generation, which reveal
a ghost, in our spearhead and life.

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