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When it comes to beauty in the mind, Juana Burga is one of the best examples.
what will you ever meet … She is not only a very successful model, but also
endowed with extraordinary beauty, but she is also an activist who worked
on the development of sustainable fashion and a number of other reasons.
Naturally, such a person will certainly enjoy his popularity among
masses, and in this respect Juan Burg is no exception. Thanks to her good work
over the years and thanks to her wonderful modeling performances, she
winning hearts from the very beginning of his career.

Juana Burga was born on August 19, 1991.
28 years. She was born in Lima, Peru and is one of the best Peruvians.
models for all time. In fact, she is the only one from Peru who has
the honor to participate in all Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and London.
In fact, Ellos and Ellas magazine has declared Juan Burga one of the
the most powerful women in Peru.

She was seen several times in the famous Vogue magazine for Vogue.
Paris, Vogue Portugal, Vogue Mexico and Vogue Arabia … Grazia, Lima, Kosas are
some of the other famous fashion magazines where she has appeared.

Besides a very successful modeling career, she is also excellent
activist when it came to the rights of artisans producing environmentally friendly
fiber price Peru. She even helps them in the export process and actively
an advocate for sustainable development, be it fashion or something else
yet . She also showed her support for the Ocean Organization to find
solutions for protection against plastic pollution.

She currently resides in New York and continues to fly to Peru for

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