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Karina Kozyreva is a youtuber by profession and also a gamer. Born on the 31st
March 1999, this 20-year-old girl made a splash on YouTube … She was born in
Russia, currently residing in Legnano, Italy.

She also has a Twitch streamer account and works on behalf of
Sharishahd. She is most popular in her country – Russia and Italy. It
a well-known name in many other parts of the world for his gaming skills. it
He also has Instagram with 22.5 thousand subscribers. Most of her videos are in
Russian, therefore it is the most popular in Russia and
among other Russians living around the world. She vlogs like this
well, since you watch, it looks like you subscribe to her channel.
The name of her YouTube channel is Strymersha Karina. She launched her channel
in August 2015 and began to upload game videos … In January 2016, she published
one video from her innocent part of life where she spoke of her love for
read books, dream and play computer games, went viral and
until January 2019, it was watched by 2.5 million people.

Karina Kozyreva is obsessed with fitness and never misses the gym. She also
nature lover and spends a lot of time in nature. If she doesn’t play, then she
looks only at Mother Nature. She loves to eat desserts and sweets.

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