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Carla Olivares Sousa, a pseudonym for Carla Sousa, was conceived in 1986 in
Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico. Karla Sousa – little girl
Mexican mother Monica Sousa. Her father was Chilean. Karla Souza spent it
youth and early life in Aspen, Colorado … Carla Sousa owns a double Mexican and
American nationality and takes place with Mexican and Chilean ethnicity. … how
young man, Carla Sousa studied acting at the Centro de Educación Artística in
Mexico City. From that moment on, Karla Souza went to acting school in g.
France. Around that time, Karla Sousa was part of the performance art center.
organization. From that moment on, Karla Sousa went to Central School
Speech and Drama. From that moment on, Karla Sousa received her bachelor’s degree
Acting in 2008. Carla Sousa is a Mexican American.
artist. Karla Sousa is widely known for her portrayal of Laurel.
Castillo in the lawful ABC series ‘How to Escape Punishment for Murder Since Then.’
2014 … Carla Sousa also received recognition for her role as Barbara Noble in
2013 Mexican lackluster parody film, Nosotros Los Nobles and Roxana Robledo in Suave
Patria in 2012.

Carla Sousa started her career as a contender for French plain text
TV show Star Academy. At 22, Carla Sousa returned to Mexico.
look for your profession in film and television. From this moment
Forward Carla Sousa performed in a Mexican TV movie with acting
Terminalles in 2008. The following year, Karla Sousa appeared on
Mexican TV series Verano de love. Karla Souza became an excellent student this year
2013, when Carla Sousa starred in two hit Mexican films Nosotros Los Nobles
and instructions are not included. For work at Nosotros Los Nobles, Carla Sousa
won the Pantalla de Cristal Film Festival prize for Best Actress. Moreover,
Carla Sousa also won Diosas de Plata for Best Performance –
Actress of a similar film … Carla Sousa has starred in several more Mexican films.
and American films, including ‘Instructions Not Included’, ‘Crimén del Cacaro’
Gumaro, Sunset and everyone loves someone. In 2011, Karla Sousa
featured as Lucia in the 2011 television film Niño Santo. Karla Souza started playing
Laurel Castillo’s character in How to Get Away with Murder in 2014.
Carla Sousa received the 2017 Impact Award for her work on the series.
Outstanding Performance in a Television Series. Her salary and total assets
obscure to the media.

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