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Levi Tran, born April 8, 1983, is mostly American.
model as well as actress widely known for her role in 2018.
film, First Purge like Renik … She played the role of Desi Nguyen in
MacGyver movie and also hosted MTV networks
show, Guy Code. She is also known as a tattooed model as well
be in the 2015 racing movie, Fast and Furious 7.

This model, actress popularly known as Levi Tran, was born in the city
San Jose, California, raised by Vietnamese parents. She is fluent
speak English as well as Vietnamese. She also has a degree in
in the development of children and adolescents; and in mathematics. Front
Starting her career in the film industry, this beauty worked at a funeral.
house in 2011.

Her path began in 2011, when she decided to go into the modeling business and started.
does a lot of advertising and advertising shows. In 2012 she moved to work in Los Angeles.
more professional. She even became one of the best Asian female models and
worked with brands such as Inked magazine, Tattoo life, as well as Glass
Journal … She has a zombie tattoo on her body that she got when she was 18.
and she really loves it. She made her television debut via
MTV Show, Code Guy, and in 2013 she even became part of the scandalous
music album created by Day Above Ground, Asian Girlz.

After her role in Fast and Furious 7, she was also recognized as one of the most
beautiful fast and furious girls. She has also starred in films such as The Woman.
Battle Squad (2016), Mad Genius (2017), Silk Road (2018) and many others.

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