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LeemLubany was born on August 31, 1997 and she is very famous.
and a talented Arab-Israeli actress … LeemLubany is of Palestinian origin, and
she is very famous for her acting as Nadia in Hany
Abu Assad’s film is called ‘Omar’. LeemLubany is very famous and super sexy
celebrity. She always had a dream to become famous and leave a mark on it
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LeemLubany was born in Nazareth, Israel … The actress studied in
Harduf Waldorf School at Kibbutz Harduf when LeemLubany forced her
professional film debut in Omar. She made her debut despite the fact that
teaching acting. This film was shortlisted for the 86th Academy Award for
Best Foreign Language Film.

In 2014, LeemLubany appeared in Ali’s film from A to B.
Mostafa and she played the role of Salima in the Bill Murray film.
the comedy was called Rock the Kasbah.

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