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Lisa Müller was born in 1989 and celebrates her birthday
November 23rd, every year. Lisa Mueller is only 40 days younger than her
beloved husband and football sensation Thomas Muller. Thomas Müller was
conceived on September 13, 1989. Lisa Mueller was conceived as Lisa Mueller Trade.
in Germany to their German guardians … Lisa Mueller changed her last name to
Müller after being tied to Thomas Müller. Zodiac of Lisa Muller
sign – Sagittarius. Lisa Mueller finished her lessons at the place where Lisa
Müller grew out of a local high school similar to her significant
another Thomas Müller visited.

Besides her notoriety as the wife of Thomas Müller, Lisa Müller is
Experienced Model and Rider – An experienced pony rider and currently works in
building in the place where Lisa Mueller grew up. Lisa Mueller too
Internet lifestyle and has 145K and tests devotees on it
Instagram page. Lisa Mueller stands out among the most
The footballer’s life partner is in Bayern Munich. Lisa Mueller and she
second half Thomas Müller has been married since 2009. Lisa Mueller
and Thomas dated when they were only seventeen years old. in
After a couple of years of dating, Lisa Mueller and Thomas took up
2007 and after two years of work, they finally exchanged their
conjugal promises … Married for about 10 years Lisa Mueller and her better half
Thomas has no children in common.

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