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Mariadel Mar Saura, alias Mar Saura, was conceived on October 16 of the same year.
1975. Mar Saura is a Spanish screen character, model and TV presenter. Mar
Saura was conceived in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Mar Saura won Miss Barcelona in
1992, and vied for Miss Spain … Mar Saura started her professional career as
model with the International Modeling Agency Gaudi, Cibeles and Francine, and
lived in New York, Milan and Japan. After working as a model, Mar Saura
started working as a TV moderator and animator. During this time, Mar Saura
appeared on the TV series One Two in 1998-1999 and played alongside Lina.
Morgan on Spanish TV despite appearing in scenes
other Spanish serials. In her cinematic profession, Mar Saura has done
youth film, King Farm in 2002. Thus, Mar Saura modeled
several theatrical performances, for example, The Night of Errors of the Year
2002 with Josema Yuste; Summer Night 2002 with Bertin Osborne; IN
Record show in 2001, with Manu Carreno and teamed up on Full
Light in 2002 with Pedro Piqueras.

Mar Saura was a member of Double in 2003 and Call and Win in
2003, both on Antena 3 and Overnight Sensational in 2007 on
Canal nou … Mar Saura has appeared on TVE numerous times, including New
Specials on the eve of 2003, 2004 and 2005, All led by Jose Luis.
Moreno. Thanks to Jose Luis Moreno, her profession as an artist has become widespread.
restoration from the end of 2008, when Mar Saura played Ainhoa, the beloved
attorney Michael, in Scenes from Marriage at Telecinco.e in Mexico, March
Saura has appeared in the 2010 TV series Cappadocia and Killer Women.
major aspect of Latin development with Cuban William Levy, posturing
for Glamor magazine wearing an Icon Vallarta dress from Dolce and Gabbana. in
2011, again on Telecinco, Mar Saura appeared in the TV series Angel or Evil.
spirit like Alexia. Mar Saura blogs at Mujerhoy.com. In April 2013
Mar Saura started recording AI with Ruben Poveda on ‘Four’.

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