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Metisha Schaefer – author, model and screen character, she was born
on the third walk, Germany, 1985.

She debuted her career as a model in the Brazilian magazine Accontece.
From that moment on, she continued to act as an ideal model in many
fashion magazines such as Adage Espanol. She posed for different swimwear.
magazines. Metisha is also known for her HIV business and doctoral
Pepper business. After moving to Miami, Florida, she started work in 2009.
in Beverly Hills. Great. She was also found in Tom Journey.
film Shake of the Ages. Now she has gained wide popularity.
appearance on Sways Miami.

She met her lover Larry English, an outstanding American.
football player. The couple were seen on Sways Miami after they started dating.
The couple are currently separated. … Metisha is not married while Larry is engaged
with Nicole Williams.

Now Metisha Schaefer is 31 years old. She is of medium height.
5 feet 8 inches. Metisha Schaefer has an impeccable figure.
33-25-36. She weighs 124 pounds. Her assets are estimated at $ 500,000.
All of Metisha’s assets were collected from her huge salary received from her.
work as an incredible model and develop as an entertainer. Her Twitter account
has 454.6 thousand subscribers. Gifted and Popular, Metisha Schaefer
the profile can be found on various social networks such as Wiki, Twitter,

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