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Myra Rojas was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and is a television presenter and actress. … it
– sister of actress Lorena Rojas, who died in Miami due to liver cancer.
She began her career after participating in the Miss Mexico beauty pageant.
in 1983, where she represented her native Oaxaca and took 2nd place
countrywide. She also went on to represent Mexico in the Miss World pageant.
the same year. She made her debut in the telenovela Reach a Star, which was followed by
hits like Reach a Star II and Dance with Me. She also played her first
the villainess in Valentine’s telenovela. She was invited by the actor Hector.
Bonilla will join the ranks of the nascent Aztec TV company. Between 1995 and
1996 starred in the soap opera Heartfelt, in which she played
again the role of the villain. She has also appeared in several soap operas,
and in antagonistic, and in the main roles, and in star roles in ‘Indomitable Beauties’, ‘Love’.
I, Prófugas of Destiny, among many others. Myra Rojas also took a chance
dub and Spanish voice of Izma’s character from The
New Groove of the Emperor and Maleficent from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ … She has
has also been dubbed for films like Mulan, Bolt, Mars Needs Moms and more.

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