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Natalia Bush is a very famous Spanish model and she was declared Miss
Tenerife in 2005. Natalia Bush worked as a model, dancer and
also an actress. Natalia Bush is the daughter of a Spanish mother, and
Father from South Africa. Natalia Bush has been living in Italy since 2005.
Natalia Bush was named Miss Tenerife and she also won a beauty pageant.
in Italy, when Natalia Bush was named Girl of the Year by
called Intimo Roberta … Natalia Bush was selected for advertising
brand products. Natalia Bush then entered the world of television, and she
became a dancer in a show on the Canale Italia channel. Natalia
Bush also worked as a subret for a game called In bocca al lupo. IN
In 2006, Natalia Bush went on national television, because
dancer in raccomandati Rai 1 I, conducted by Carlo Conti.
Natalia Bush also won the Miss Fashion TV Greece beauty pageant.

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