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Natalia Krasnova – comedian, blogger, player, show participant and many
More. Was born in 1980 in Chelyabinsk, Russia, on May 4.
a great example of working hard and achieving dreams. Natalia has
sister too … When she was in school, she also studied music, acrobatics,
gymnastics and dancing. After leaving school, she entered
Chelyabinsk State University, where she met with comedy and
became interested in playing KVN. She started by writing lyrics for
performances, but then, after a while, she began to play the role
female in sketches.

After that Natalia Krasnova became one of the members of the KVN ‘Kontor’ team.
Then she worked for 10 years at school, and then at the institute.
Performs in radio comedy shows, is a member of the KVN League jury in the Urals.
and participates in the creation of TNT comedy programs. Several years ago in
2017, together with comedians, she participated in a stand-up comedy show.
like Vlad Korobeinikov, Saule Yusupova, Felix Nikitin, Dan Emohoy and Eduard

Her important projects in her career were the ‘office’ of the KVN team in 2003, then
‘Laughter without rules’ in 2007, comedy battle in 2010 and ‘Don’t Sleep’ in
2016 … She is also a famous blogger, she has more than 795 thousand fans.
the following in her account. She’s an Instagram star where she posts small
video called Vines.

In his free time he likes to dance. She was married twice. Her first
the marriage was with Alexander Alymov, who is a comedian and participant
Chelyabinsk KVN team. They got married when she was eight months pregnant and she
gave birth to twin boys Arthur and Timur. Then they parted and she got
married to Deron Quint, an American ice hockey player. For Natalia
career, Deron moved to the capital of the South Urals. … You can find many
their photos were very often published on social networks.

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