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Natasha Lyonne was born in New York on April 4, 1979.
Yvette Buchinger and Aaron Braunstein. Her father was a boxing advertiser. It
Likewise, he drove racing cars and hosted radio shows in his spare time.
Natasha Lyonne’s mother was born in Paris to a family of Holocaust survivors and later.
moved to the USA … Natasha Lyonne’s family was interested in self-expression and
The famous graphic artist Al Jaffee was a distant relative of her father. Natasha
The Lyonne family was a Jewish starting point, and both of its peoples had
traditional Jewish beliefs. Natasha Lyonne was also raised as a universal
Jew. For the first eight years of her life, Natasha Lyonne was brought up in
Great Neck Zone in New York. The family of Natasha Lyon moved at that moment
to Israel. A year and a half after moving to Israel, her parents
dispersed. Natasha Lyonne and her brother at this moment returned to
USA next to their mom. Natasha Lyon went to the famous Jewish private home.
School in New York, Ramaz School.

Natasha Lyonne was a decent understudy and received a scholarship through her.
school. Natasha Lyonne respected the lessons of the Talmud and read Aramaic
language with anxiety during school years. Disturbing influence on her family
made it a medicine for someone who became addicted at a younger age. Natasha
Lyon was expelled from school after learning about the sale
marijuana … Since it was difficult for Natasha Lyonne to continue with her
while studying in New York, her mother moved the family to Miami, where she moved
from Miami day school. Natasha Lyonne had no contact with her
dad until he passed away in 2014. At a meeting with the newspaper Natasha
Lyonne said that she was not that close even with her mother, and
part, lived autonomously since the age of 16. Natasha Lyon did not go to
school after she left school as she began to explore the possibilities
acting. Be that as it may, after Natasha Lyonne made money on the move
photographs, she quickly went for a short time to New York University for
study of cinema and theory.

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