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Neta Alchemister, born of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish parents.
Jewish origin belongs to the city of Rishon LeZion, Israel, and works as
model, business woman, influencer and designer … She is the most popular
known as the leading model along with Lyraz Dror and Liron Revivo
for Castro, an Israeli clothing company for men and women. She specializes in
swimwear design and founded the swimwear company BaNaNhot. Her shoots
appeared on the covers of several magazines. She has several more famous
reputation in her name, being the 3rd most influential instagrammer in Israel
located just behind Bar Rafaeli and Anna Zak, according to the Israeli Internet
Association. She also has the third highest social media following.
She also had a career away from where she should be today – she served
soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces in combat support Teleprocessing
Housing. When she was only 15, she was discovered as a potential model … She co-
together with Noah Beni founded her own company after leaving the army.
BaNaNhot, their company has a global reach and sells limited
edition of designer swimwear. Neta also collaborates frequently with others.
Israeli social media sensation Anna Zack for magazine covers and
interview. Alhimister and Israeli footballer and member of the Israeli national
Rami Gershon’s team started dating in 2014 and finally got engaged in 2018.

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