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Nicole Bass was a very famous American bodybuilder, professional
wrestler, actress, and professional wrestling valet. Nicole Bass
worked in many companies such as World Wrestling Federation, Extreme
Wrestling Championship as well as XPW … Since 1993, Nicole Bass has done
performed a lot on the Howard Stern Show, and also took part as
member of the 1993 Stern television show The Miss Howard Stern New Year’s Eve

Nicole Bass then became a member of a show called Wack Pack.
Nicole Bass then made numerous guest appearances in four soap operas.
Nicole Bass starred in The Brave and the Beautiful.

Nicole Bass also worked with Days of Our Lives in 1991. Nicole
Bass is also known for her work at a general hospital. Nicole Bass also
starred in a travel guide. Being an actress isn’t easy, and Nicole Bass
showed that with great inspiration and great enthusiasm, Nicole
Bass made her way to the top and established herself as a very famous

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