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Noelia Marzol is a woman of different tastes and talents; she is an actress,
dancer, fashion designer, gymnast, hostess and businesswoman from
Argentina … She became famous for her participation in programs 3, 2, 1, A.
ganar! where she played the secretary of Alejandro Vaibe, another popular
Argentinean TV presenter. Due to her stellar performance and this kind of followers
she got, she was chosen to be Marley’s secretary again, this
time in the Minuto Para Ganar program. Marzol is associated with a lot of photos
shooting for influential magazines. She was a co-organizer of the program.
Hiperconectados with Guillermo Fiorita Catalano, a show about the national
Digital culture. She also took part in the reality show Celebrity.
Splash, where she was a finalist in fifth position and later
created a dance web platform called UnOcho.

She has been doing gymnastics for 4 long years and in
Meanwhile, he participated in national competitions. She used it for herself
enjoys and has worked for many years in the circus as an acrobat and dancer … Marzol
also became a member of the troupe of the musical theater IUNA (Instituto
Universitario Nacional del Arte), whose director was Riki Pascus. it
also has a dramatic flair; Noelia starred with Nazaren Velez, Dominic
Pestanya and Carolina Oltra for the film Carousel, which premiered at the Tabari Theater.
Theater. Argentine actor, comedian and theater director Antonio Gasalla.
hired her to make her stage debut in Másrespeto, Que soy tumadre
2, where she played the role of Sofia Bertotti. The premiere of this work
at the Cervantes Theater. She has won several awards such as Best Supporting Actor.
Actress for her work Los Corruptelli in 2017 and Best Perfect Moment and
Best Dancer for the title Bien Argentino, la evolución in 2018.

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