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Ryoka Narusawa is one of the main characters of the series and a cheerful
the soul is ruled by a colossal chest who is Utah’s closest comrade.
Ryka Narusawa calls himself Ryё-tas, and Yuta Gamotan … RyokaNarusawa uses
an electric immobilizer in the shape of an obsolete ray gun demonstrated after
The Wardecliffe Tower, which was then nicknamed the Poya-Firearms, as indicated
by Yuta. Ryoka Narusawa has light eyes, short blonde hair, and a pretty
slender figure, accentuated by her massive breasts and wide hips,
Ryoka Narusawa, upon seeing an alarming white long coat, weaved blue roses around his neck.

RyokaNarusawa socks consist of a pair of white high socks and
white shoes. RyokaNarusawa is a cheerful soul with huge breasts.
who is Utah’s closest ally and in all respects an energetic, playful young
lady. RyokaNarusawa is seen as a carefree element, but the scenes
implied that she really is part of something more … RyokaNarusawa’s
an outwardly joyful identity adds fun to the plot and story, given
how dull everything really is.

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