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Pearl Mackie was born on May 29, 1987 and is very famous.
British dancer, actress, and singer. Pearl Maki is well known for her
The role of the character Bill Potts in a TV show called Doctor Who. Pearl
Maki is a 2010 graduate of Bristol’s Old Vic Theater School. … Pearl
Macy’s debut television role came in 2014, when Pearl Macy
played the role of Anne-Marie Freisier in The Doctors. With Maxine
Peak, Martin Freeman, Matt Berry and Morwenna Banks, Pearl Macy did
performing as a girl from home in the musical comedy Svengali. IN
In 2014, Pearl Mackie played the role of Anne-Marie Freisier in
Doctors as well as a young computer genius named Mia from Crystal Springs and
it was at the Park Theater in London … Pearl Poppies seen in
Obama’s political satire at the Finborough Theater in West London and
played by Cees and Cates.

In 2015, Pearl Mackie played in Curious Accident
Dog in the Night Time, and in the same year Pearl McKehad arranged
appearance in the short film ‘Date on a Date’ by Bond, who is a satirical audience.
service announcement.

Pearl Mackie has also worked as an acting coach for Troupers.

In 2016, it was announced that Pearl Maki would play the role
character, Bill Potts, who is the Doctor’s companion
British TV show called Doctor Who. In March 2017, it was announced that
Pearl Mackie will become the very first main gay companion in this series.

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