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Born Leon Kadena, also known as Minamo Kusano on February 19 this year.
1986, Reon Kadena is a Japanese glamor model and performer. RheonKadena was
conceived in Osaka Prefecture on February 19, 1986 … Previous engraving
the character received her first collection of nude photographs circulated by the age of
eighteen from Asahi Press in the Naked Reon photobook in June 2004. RheonKadena
also attended various seduction recordings, including the September
2005 Reon Style is released by Geneon Entertainment. In July 2005, ReonKadena
dramatically presented herself in the sensual show PelikanFūfu.

Three years later, in June 2008, ReonKadena performed with
custom character of Yuri Morishita engraving in Toei Secret Undercover parody
Agent: Wildcats in the Strip Royale as secret specialists Honey and Bunny, who
Explore strange episodes beyond the power of an ordinary policeman. RheonKadena
in addition, has appeared in various television series, including the role
the standard cast for Asahi’s mystery series Maid Deka, which was
reported in 11 episodes from June to September 2009 … In 2010, RheonKadena
took over the job of Eren Komori at Kamen Ryder × Kamen Ryder LLC and W
Featuring Skull: Movie War Core, part of the long-running Kamen Rider
Tokusatsu film series.

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