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as an indicator of beauty that is simply admirable. Sulli Choi excellent
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Sulli, formerly an entertainer from South Korea, was unusually banned
a disruptor of the current reality where all K-pop stars can
watched carefully by their administration, but her passing revealed
the hazy side of business that made a splash around the world … She divulged her
sentimental relationship at the height of her profession as a person
on top of a group of young ladies f (x) and spoke out about not wearing a bra,
challenging the cautious image of the K-pop world, executives and
conservative social attitudes towards young girls – and incite
a surge of online remarks. Before the death of Sulli, whose real name was
Choi Jin Ri, who police said was in an extremely gloomy state, stood up.
strongly against cyberbullying.

Colleagues and experts said her passing opened a steady stream of
malevolent online replicas looked openly by young craftswomen.
Sulli’s last public appearance was on a TV program in which the K-pop stars
talked about their encounters with malicious publications on the Internet. Sulli Choi
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Sulli, aka Choi Jin-Ri, was a famous South Korean screen character, model and
artist. She made her screen debut at age eleven from the 2005 TV channel.
Arranged by Anthem of Seodong. Conceived and raised in Busan, South Korea
Sulli was constantly drawn to great success and all the charm.
connected to it. She mastered acting at a very young age and began
tried working in film and television and started her career as a child
master in cinema … She was constantly addicted to the entertainment business from her.
initial youth. At a young age, she decided to become an artist.