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Susie Amy was born on April 17, 1981. Susie Amy is English.
artist. Susie Amy is best referred to for her job as Chardonnay Lane.
Pascoe in the ITV series Football Players’ Wives. Susie Amy additionally showed
above in the films Modigliani, The Musketeer Woman, House 9 and Hollyoaks … Suzy
Amy was conceived on April 17, 1981 by Ron Amy, OBE, previous director
National Association of Pension Funds and Evelyn Amy, Elementary
teacher. Suzie Amy’s parents later separated and her father ended up
he married second time. Susie Amy has a sister, Lynn, a highly respected woman.
geneticist Susie Amy grew up in Surrey and studied with Sir William Perkins.
School in Chertsey, but later transformed into Strode College. While Susie Amy was
shoot at the Royal National Theater Sharman McDonald’s generation
After Juliet was noticed by an agent, she soon got her first job.
on TV . In 2001, Susie Amy appeared on the TV series Dark Realm and My
Family, and later in the 2002 television movie ‘Sirens.’

In 2001, Susie Amy won the role of Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe in the film
The wives of the ITV footballers who made her a household name and
earned her the New TV Talent Award from Television and Radio.
Club … Suzie Amy Voted 74th Out of 100 FHM Rankings
Sexiest women in the world in 2002 and 63rd this year
2003. Suzy Amy appeared on the show with Catherine Monaghan and Zoe Lucker.
FHM cover for the February 2003 issue. Susie Amy starred in
Football players’ wives from 2002 to 2004. In 2004, Suzie Amy was chosen.
for the lead role of Valentin D’Artagnan in the Hallmark Channel film La Femme
The Musketeer featuring Michael York, Gerard Depardieu and Nastasya
Kinski. For Suzie Amy to work, it was necessary to prepare for hand-to-hand combat,
fencing and horse riding, which she is said to be very fond of. This year,
Susie Amy portrayed Beatrice Hastings in Modigliani, which featured Andy.
Garcia. In 2005, Susie Amy appeared in the movie ‘House 9’ with the participation
Dennis Hopper and Dead Fish also chipped in on Bill Kenwright’s stage.
generation Wait until dark.

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