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Yanni Olsson Dehler has been involved in fashion and lifestyle since 2013, when she
started blogging for the first time. Yanni Olsson with 1.3 million fans.
Deler Instagram account name is @jannid … … She was born on April 4, 1990 in g.
Stockholm, Sweden, and her birth sign is Aries.

Yanni Olsson Dehler is a video blogger, instagrammer, blogger and influencer. it
loves to travel and started traveling when she was very young. IN
the desire to explore the world, she lived in Sweden (this is her native
country), then moved to London and now remains in Morocco with her husband.

Yanni Olsson Dehler wanted to preserve the memories of all her travel stories, so
she started blogging in 2013. She wanted to keep all her memories for her old ones
days and also wanted to show them to the whole world. She started downloading
a YouTube video of her travels this year. She’s on Instagram too, but got it
that she needs something more, and started her own YouTube channel. During her
career, she also became interested in photography and is now editing it

She has worked extensively with many well-known brands around the world.
like Nelly.com for clothing collection … For Nelly.com she also collaborated
with another Swedish blogger Anniken Jorgensen. She also promoted KL Sweden.
for a passport cover, handbags and wallets. Some other well-known brands that
she has collaborated with Nikon, Reebok, Lee, Gina Tricot, Maybelline, Calvin
Klein, River Island and many others.

Yanni Olsson Dehler has over 1.3 million Instagram followers.
Account. She has hosted many video blogs on YouTube with John Olsson and fell in love with
him. They got engaged in 2015 and got married in 2018. Now they are waiting
their first child together. John Olsson – also famous youtuber and
freskier. They founded a clothing brand called Cest Normal.

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