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Sheri Lin Skurkis or better known as Sheri Moon or Sheri Moon Zombie
was born on September 26, 1970.
known as an American-born actress, model, and dancer and
fashion designer … She changed her name to Sheri Moon after she got into
business to match her job. She was born in the San Jas area,
California, United States, but grew up in the Connecticut area. it
Graduated from Plain Ville High School, Connecticut
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. After graduation, she decided to move to Los Angeles to earn money
her dreams come true.

Before entering the world of acting, she worked as a dancer in the background.
and the artist of the White Zombie vocalist Rob Zombie. She used to
accompany him on his tours, being a dancer in the background, and also accustomed to
design of his costumes for the show. She made her movie debut with Rob
A film about zombies, house of 1000 corpses. Then she entered
some of the greatest films that have been part of her success … Those
films can be listed as Grindhouse: Werewolf woman of SS (2007), 31 (2016), 3
from Hell (2019) as well as Lord Salem (2011) and many others to keep

Not only in films, but also in the two best TV series.
series of all ages. She can be seen in the TV series Californication, in
2008, playing the role of a nurse. She also attended CSI: Miami’s
the role of Olivia Birch in 2010.

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