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Greta Garbo was conceived on September 18, 1905 in Stockholm.
Sweden. A self-contained star, Greta Garbo started her career in Europe earlier.
left for the United States to work at MGM when she was 19 … Greta Garbo
her sexy, secretive look made her a hit with the American public in both quiet and quiet locations.
sound films before World War II, and she was nominated for four Oscars,
later winning a privileged honor. Greta Garbo died in New York on
April 15, 1990. Outstanding among the most mysterious Hollywood
stars, Greta Garbo was conceived by Greta Lovisa Gustafson on September 8, 1905.
in Stockholm, Sweden. To his family, Karl and Anna, who used to have two
children, Greta Garbo became an unexpected entry, further emphasizing
there are currently not enough funds. Greta Garbo’s father was a mediocre worker
regularly out of work and in weakness, which forces his family to live
with the constant danger of poverty. At 13, Greta Garbo quit
from school to think about his father, who is seriously ill. It
kicked the bucket two years after kidney disappointment … IN
strain the well-being of your father and, as a result, leave life strongly for the family
influenced young Greta Garbo, who guaranteed her life
it was devoid of the hardships of money.

After the death of her father, Greta Garbo found a job as a sales representative in
Swedish retailer. To help promote the men’s clothing line, Greta
Garbo was featured in promotional shorts showing clothes … Greta
Garbo’s normal feelings in front of the camera soon made her find work in her.
the first film, satire, reviewed by Peter the Tramp in 1922.
an open door was pursued when Greta Garbo received a grant at the famous Royal
Drama Theater, Sweden’s main school for cinematic characters.
However, Greta Garbo interrupted her studies just a year after
at a meeting with CEO Maurits Stiller, chief of the Swedish filmmaker who
it took a young screen character to star in his new film The Legend of
Gosta Berling in 1924. Achieving a film in Sweden and
Germany made Greta Garbo famous. This further strengthened the association
with Stiller, who will change the calling and life of Greta Garbo. Stiller
instructed Greta Garbo as an artist and convinced her to change the latter
name Garbo … Greta Garbo’s next film, Streets of Sorrow in 1925, in
which she played the future whore, contributed to the fact that Greta Garbo remained
star in Europe. The film also caught the attention of the MGM generation boss.
Louis B. Mayer. Mayer needed Stiller, who directed the film, to work on it.
America. The flamboyant leader agreed to an agreement with one condition: Greta
Garbo was supposed to accompany him. Reluctantly Mayer signed her on
location as well.

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