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Katie Lu is a very famous American professional basketball player from Chicago.
Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Sky.

Katie Lu was a freshman at the University of Connecticut and played
in 37 out of 38 husky games, including 22 starts … Katie Lou was
then missed the national championship game due to injury. During this
Katie Lou’s season averaged 11.0 points per game and led the team
with 78 threes, the second highest in Connecticut
freshman. Katie Lu then scored a season record of 22 points against Robert.
Morris. Katie Lu has been named 2016 National Freshman by ESPN. Katie
Lou was included in the American Sports Conference team as well as the AAC.
general tournament team.

In 2016, Katie Lou starred in all 37 Husky games.
Katie Lou’s 20.2 points per game plus her 42.0 threes percentage
finished second in AAC. Katie Lou’s 119 Shooting Threes in a Season
was the second largest. Katie Lu then scored a record 40 points.
against us.

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