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Tamara Martha, aka Shy’m, was born on November 28, 1985. Shy’m
French vocalist. Shy’m released her first album Mes fantasies this year.
2006 and has released six more albums since then. Shy’m had three platinum
albums, including her 2012 major album Cameleon … Both per year
2012 and 2013 Shy’m won the NRJ Music Award for French-speaking Artist
year. Shy’m was conceived on November 28, 1985 in Trappes, a suburb west of Bogdan.
Paris, France, French mother and father from Martinique, in
the family is arranged for music and creative expression. Red Hot Fan
Chili Peppers and Beyonce, Shy’m grew up to the sound of the sound anyway
French Caribbean music classification – and R&B. From the start Shy’m
carried away by movement and singing. Shy started dancing
and Shy’m received the nickname Zesty Tam due to the efforts that Shy’m put into

In scholasticism, Scheim received his bachelor’s degree at the age of seventeen.
Along with investigations, Shy’m kept demo chronicles about herself.
while staying away from open observation. Later Shy’m left for Paris, where Shy’m
sent invoices to accounting organizations. Right now the Lebanese-
She was found by Canadian rapper K. Maro. Shy’m acquired the stage name Shy’m and
began his adventure to fame … Her pseudonym Portmanto received from a timid and
Martinique. The shy one said that she is modest, but much smaller than before.
when the insignificant thought of being in front of an audience incapacitated
her with fear. However, her energy allowed her to overcome shyness and
Shy’m Present enjoys being in the band. Rapper K. Maro
agreed to include it in the tune Histoire de Luv from his album. IN
The melody was recorded in Montreal. From that moment Shy’m set her free
own album Mes fantasies. It was composed, made and directed by K. Maro. Shy
explored different themes for the album, such as repetition
affection and mixed marriage and its prosperity. First single Femme de
couleur, peaking at # 5 on the French singles chart.

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