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Catherine Lisa Bell is an American actress who was born on the 14th of the month.
August 1968. This beautiful actress is known for her role in
TV series JAG, in the role from 1997 to 2005, in the image of Sarah
Mackenzie … She was also the character of Denise on The Army.
wives from 2007 to 2013. She was also in the cast
Good Witches produced by Hallmark since 2008.

She was born in London to a Scottish father and an Iranian mother. it
She began her life to fame through modeling in a Japanese company. it
for several years he was engaged in modeling in Japan, and then
Returning to the United States, she decided to pursue acting. Her very
the first role was minor in the 1990 sitcom Sugar and Spice, where she just
delivered one line to Peter Gabriel. Before filming
industry, she worked as a massage therapist for almost 8 years with
many different exclusive clients.

She made her big break through the Army Wives Series from 2007 to
year 2013 … She also starred in The Good Witch in 2008.
along with his serial franchise The Good witches garden (2009), and
The Good Witch’s Gift (2010), The Good Witch’s Family (2011), as well as two others

In 2006 she was also nominated for a Saturn Award in the category
Best Supporting Actress for her work in the series ‘Triangle’. it
was married to actor-turned-producer Adam Beeson in 1994.
The couple also have two children, a son and a daughter. The couple broke up
in 2010 after some internal failure.

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