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Dianna Agron is a famous American actress, singer and dancer, known for her
plays the role of Quinn Fabrey in the musical comedy-drama show Fox Glee.

She was born as Dianna Alice Agron on April 30, 1986 in Savannah, Georgia.
Ronald S. Agron and Mary Agron. Her father was a GM at Hyatt Hotels. … Due
before her father’s career, Agron and her family moved frequently
country living in different hotels. She grew up in San Antonio, Texas and
San Francisco. She also has a younger brother named Jason. She and her brother
grew up Jewish and attended a Jewish school. She even had a bat
A mitzvah in youth.

At 15, she discovered that her father was suffering from multiple diseases.
Sclerosis. The father’s illness led to the separation of the parents. Agron
studied at Burlingame High School and Burlingame High School in g.
California. During her school years, she participated in various productions. it
appeared as Marty in Grease and as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz.

In 2004, she moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduation.
high school with the intention of pursuing a professional acting career. it
received a supporting role in the television movie After Midnight: Life in Bars in
2006 year.

During her career, Argon starred in various films and TV shows … She too
known for her singing ability and sometimes also performs live. it
likes dancing. Sexy Agron began to study forms of jazz and ballet in
only three years old. Agron became interested in acting and musical.
theater in adolescence. She was a director and starred in
several music videos for a number of bands over the years. Agron persistent
PETA supporter and LGBT rights advocate. She launched her own website
You, me and Charlie December 12, 2011, where she writes and collects messages.
on a number of topics by different authors. In May 2016, she went to
Syrian refugee settlements in Europe to disseminate information about destruction
caused by the Syrian civil war.

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