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She was born on 24 January 1986 and is British Irish.
as an American television actress, theater and film actress … it
began her career in the theater world after
staging of the play ‘Slav’ directed by Tony Kushner. She was also in James
Lapin’s play ‘Twelve Dreams’, which was shown in New York.
Lincoln City Center. Her film debut took place with a cameo role in the movie.
all my children, in 1996. She also starred in films such as Lawn
Dogs (1997) and Hill (1999) along with Sixth Sense (1999),
and Puppies (1999), as well as many others who made her name on the list of world

She is a woman who forced herself to rule the global world with her.
appearing in a groundbreaking television series such as Lost and Mad (2001)
along with others, over and over again (from 2001 to 2003), and also in
O.C of Fox’s stellar entertainment series, for which she was rewarded
two Teen Choice awards for her performance … Misha was called
The Hollywood IT Girl Who Made Her Grow in the Field
use of many opportunities.

At 16, she bought her own house, which she shares with her.
parents still. In 2010, she said she was managing her time through
management in her various apartments that she owns in London as well as in New York.
York. She is also an activist and social worker.
business with Climate Star due to climate change.

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