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Anna was born on December 3, 1980.
with the name of Anna M. Chlumsky for many people. She started her life
and a career, being a small actress who made itself felt to people and
fans from an early age … This beauty is especially known for playing on
the character of Vada Sultenfus in the 1991 TV series, my girl. She was also
seen in the sequel to the film, which was released a year later. She also has
has been seen in films such as Bloody Machine (2007), as well as in a film in
loop (2009). She took a break from the world of acting to
graduated from 1999 to 2005.
Before becoming an actress, she was a part-time model, starred in many
campaigns as well as commercials for many different brands.
She has starred in many films but has appeared in My Girlfriend (2001) and how
and also My Girlfriend 2 (2004), made her career as an actress, forcing her
set as a fresh new face. She was part of the TV series Veep, from
from 2012 to 2019 … There she played the role of Amy Bruckheimer.
who was one of the best characters she has played in her career.
The series and her role were so appreciated and accepted that she also
were awarded six Emmy nominations, also included in
Category for Best Supporting Actress in a Comic. She is one
best actresses present in the world of acting globally