49 Hottest Bikini Photos of Polinea Konstavlos in Tula: She Has the Best Hourglass Figure

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Tula Polinea Kontostavlos is a very famous English singer, songwriter,
actress, TV presenter and dancer … Tula Polinea Kontostavlos had
became famous as part of a hip-hop group called N-Dubz with his cousin.
named Dappy, as well as her friend named Fazer, who became very successful
during the 2000s.

Tula Polinea Kontostavlos was a judge at the X Factor UK and she has
in 2011 she headed the category of groups, and Tula Polineya Kontostavlos
the winner was Little Mix and they became the most successful girl
a group in X Factor history. The success of the Tula Polinea Konstavlos was then
went on to release her single Young, which debuted
and also ranked # 1 on the UK Singles Chart.

Dappy and Fazer, who rapped together, wanted a female voice, and this
was called Lickle Rinsers Crew and they invited Tula Polinea
Contostavlos to be a part. Then they started performing in a group around
Camden. For the second album N-Dubz was performed by Polineya Konstavlos from Tula.
solo, comfortable … Tula Polinea Kontostavlos acted as
Lickle Rinsers Crew, and they released singles called Bad Man Riddim.
and also Life is getting worse every day. After the Lickle Rinsers Crew they
became NW1 and they shot their first music video called,
Everyday Of My Life, which aired on U channel. Tula Polineya
Konstavlos recorded more demos such as Don’t Feel Like Moving, Livin
The girl on the road also broke down. Their very first single was You Better Not.
Waste My Time, which was actually only available for download until 2006.
the single, I swear, that got them their first attention.

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