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Amanda was born on April 4, 1983 and is known as
an extremely talented actress who made her famous for her work in
industry … She is mainly known for her character Grace Pelt in the famous
show, mentalist. In addition, she is also known for being in another
series like colony, Friday the 13th, and also O.S. and much more.
She is also the youngest of eight children raised in
area of ​​Nevada.

This beauty was discovered when she was only 15 years old when she took
participation in the international search for cover models. There she made herself be
present as a model to the world before heading into the world of acting.
Her very first acting job was a small role in the show’s pilot.
there is no place like home where she has established herself as mainstream
actress. She has worked as a model for many fashion houses and agencies.
make your own profile … She starred in many commercials as well
like a TV commercial before it hit the Hollywood world.

Among her best films are Kiss and Tell (1996), Angel’s Blade.
(2002), as well as the conveyor (2007), the shadow of fear (2012) and many others
her blockbusters. In 2006, she married Jordan Alan.
whom she met on the set of the film. The couple also have a son who was
was born in 2013. As an actress, she is also a philanthropist,
strives to work for people, helping those in need. She has a great life with her

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