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When a TV show wins the Golden Globe for four years in a row,
say something about the quality of the show as well as the cast … Winner
turned out to be an actress who was none other than Heather Locklear and
the show was called Melrose Place. She also participated in some other popular
shows and even starred in some films that looked good in boxing
office. She is old now, but she was honored to be so steadfast in
its heyday.

Now 57 years old, she was born on September 25, 1961.
was born in Los Angeles in California in the United States of America and her
His acting career began in 1980.

She is known for being an important part of the Melrose Place area where she
played the role of Amanda Woodward. Beyond the award-winning
her performance, she also took part in the show ‘Dynasty’, which also
turned out to be one of her first impressions of the television industry … Rotation
City and T.J. Hooker are some of the other shows that helped her succeed
in the competitive world of television.

The Franklin, Bash and Hot show in Cleveland was easier for her.
roles in sitcoms and there, too, she did not fail to impress. Even in some
films, she delivered goods and money stood out among them.
Talks, Firestarter and her role in Loony Tunes: Back in
Act. Fresh Off the Boat and Too Close to Home are some of her recent

She was married twice and has a child. Originally, in 1986, she
was married to Tommy Lee, and after the divorce, she married Richie Sambora.
However, this marriage did not last long.

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