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Janelle Parrish was born on October 30, 1988 in Oahu, Hawaii. Janelle
The Parrish family consists of her mother Joanne Parrish, father Mark Parrish and
sister Melissa Parrish. Janel Parrish completed her studies at Moanalua
Primary and secondary schools.

Janel Parrish wants to sing, dance, compose and travel … As for adore
life, she meets with the performer Justin Altamura and casually offers
photos and subtleties of their relationship from her life on the Internet

Janel Parrish is an American screen character, artist and painter,
best known for her work by Mona Vanderval in a Freeform arrangement “Pretty
Little liars. ‘ Janelle Parrish also starred in the film Bratz:
The Movie ‘and participated in the nineteenth period’ Hitting the
dance floor with stars ‘.

Mainstream of the web, Janel Parrish has over 1.4 million Twitter followers.
and is also common in other stages of online life. This one peered darker
to perfection – also vocalist, lyricist and plays the piano as

Janelle Parrish has won the hearts of the whole world with her different
abilities and dazzling appearance. Janelle is the winner of various Teen Choice Awards,
and won the Choice TV: Villain Award three times … Her anecdotal character Mona
in ‘Real Little Liars’ is regularly referred to as an ‘adorable character’
show creator Marlene King.

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