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To be included in TIME Magazine’s Top 100.
influential people in the world is a great merit. Julianne
Margulis is honored with this honor for her name and she also received a star on
Hollywood Walk of Fame … She made a wonderful contribution to the film.
industry thanks to its well-made films and television appearances
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She was born in 1966 on the month of June on the 8th. She comes from
the Spring Valley region of New York in the United States of America.

She has starred in several films and in many films such as Darwin.
Awards she had supporting roles. She began her debut in the film Out.
for Justice and after its success, she played television roles in ER, The
The Good Wife and Murder: Living on the Street. She also won an Emmy Award for
Best Supporting Actress.

Her long list of films includes Snakes on a Plane, Guys Standing, Up,
Ghost ship and more. She has been married to Keith Lieberthal for the past 12 years.
years old and the couple even have a beautiful child together … They reside
currently in the Manhattan area.

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