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Virenia Gwendoline Nia People or better known among her friends as Nia
Peeples, born December 10, 1961. … it
mainly known as a dance music performer, as well as an actress, singer
as well as an R&B artist … She is originally from the country of Hollywood, which is located in
state California. This beauty is widely known for playing on
Nicole Chapman’s character in the famous blockbuster series known as,

Additionally, she is also known for playing the role of Pam Field in
hot show, pretty little liars. She was also seen on the show, young
and ‘Restless,’ where she played the role of Karen Taylor Winters. it
grew up in West Covina, her maternal grandparents
also immigrants who moved to the United States from the Philippines. They say that she
be born with different ancestors, including Mississippi,
Scottish – Irish along with English, Native American and Italian
origin. She also has a business that she runs herself. … Company
is called the elements of life that mainly promote fitness, health, and
inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In 2007 she made her debut in the TV series Glory, where she played a role.
Nicole Chapman … The character as well as the series were extremely
was appreciated by the public and became one of the blockbusters. it
also been seen in films as if i no longer buy kisses (1992) tower
terror (1997), riff (2001) and many others. She’s an amazing woman
mother, as well as a businesswoman who successfully supports
all her roles are beautiful.

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