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She had an appearance to conquer the world, and she is rightfully one of the most beautiful
supermodels of all time. Her modeling assignments were with the best
brands in fashion and its endorsements have been associated with the best
names … Eva Herzigova made the fashion world her own.
carried it and introduced myself. She is considered one of the highest paid
models, and throughout her career she was in the news. Although in
sometimes it was because of her bold fashion statements, sometimes the news was
her personal life and relationships.

Eva Herzigova from Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic, was born in
Litvinovsky district. She is now 46 years old, she was born on March 10.
in 1973. Her blonde hair accentuated her beautiful face and
blue-green eyes make some of the best photography in the fashion industry.

She started her career early as she recognized her beauty.
winning a beauty pageant in Prague when she was only sixteen years old. IN
Wonderbra’s campaign was her first serious modeling job and she was furious
with upcoming projects … She has been associated with famous brands such as
Guess and Victoria’s Secret.

She specialized in all aspects of the modeling business and has continued her career with many
more important associations. She even found mentions in fashion magazines such as
Elle and Harper’s Baazar. VOGUE magazine wrote about her several times and
even magazines like Sports Illustrated wrote about her in their magazines.

Aside from these modeling assignments, she also walked some of the best
brands such as Versace, Benedetta Dubini and Louis Vitton.

She was originally married to drummer from the band Bon Jovi, but they
parted ways, and then she left to have three children with Gregorio Marciage.

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