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Alexander Stan is known as one of the best personalities when it comes to
straightforwardness and honesty in interviews … She always said that
her music has been influenced by different and varied nationalities. Different cultures,
and also different singers influenced her singing. Stars like Michael
Jackson, Madonna, Adele, Rihanna, David Guetta and many others have influenced her.
singing. She is also a huge Robbie Williams fan. Saxobeat – Her Best Album
featuring various styles such as hi-NRG, dance, Eurodance music.
Unlocked includes techno, pop and R&B music. thanks
Leaving is one of the most famous ballads of her career. This is one of
primarily. Stan, along with the famous Inna, was called the two most
famous and successful Romanian artists. She gets a lot of attention from
Media because of her flawless performance. When she was only sixteen when she
an affair with a Romanian actor who was also a recording artist named
Dorian Popa … Infidelity arose between them, and the relationship fell apart.
She also spoke a lot about her mental health.

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