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Brooke Nicole Adams or better known as Brooke Tessmacher was born
4th December 1984. She is mostly American.
origin model as well as the professional wrestler who wears her ring
name like, Miss Tessmacher … She is best known for being a three-time TNA.
knockout champion as well as former TNA knockout team champion,
which is also known as TNT. Between 2006 and 2007 she was
part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She appeared along with
duo Kelly and Layla as Extreme flaunt the company’s former brand called

Before becoming a wrestler, she was a model who competed in a bikini.
contests such as Miss Hawaiian Theme, Miss Hooters, and Miss
Swimsuit USA. After she left the battlefield she went again
return to become part of the Hawaiian Tropic, Darke Tan, and the planet’s beach
and Bikini USA in model search contests. She came into the world
wrestling after trying to search for WWE Diva in 2006 … it
did not make it to the top 8, but he was offered to practice and watch the fight
with wrestling in the Ohio Valley, after which she became part of
WWE team.

In April 2007, she was spotted in Timbaland’s video clip
known as, Throw it at me. She appeared in a music video with Ashley
Kelly, Maryse, and Layla and Torrie. In 2011, she also saw in
music video Bounce Dat. She has a non-identical twin who is 8 minutes old.
younger than her. She is engaged to Weston Wayne Piper.

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