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Also known as Gemma Louise Atkinson, Gemma Atkinson, television actress.
personality and lingerie / glamor model from Bury, New England.
Gemma Atkinson was born on November 16, 1984. how
actress Gemma Atkinson played the outstanding heroine of the TV series ‘Hollyox’,
like Lisa Hunter. In addition to television series, Gemma Atkinson also starred in
films such as The Accident as Tamzin Bale and a few others. … In her early days
modeling, Gemma Atkinson was known for her pictorial figure, which she had
achieved through rigorous training.

Gemma Atkinson, daughter of the late David Atkinson and Sandra Atkinson,
a sister named Nina Brollini, married to Rob Brollini. Gemma Atkinson
has been in several relationships including other celebrities such as –
Cleveland Campbell, Alan Smith, Darren Bent, Mark Furz, Cristiano Ronaldo,
Marcus Bent, Liam Richards. Apart from them, Gemma Atkinson is also in
an intimate relationship with Oily Foster.

Gemma Atkinson, a famous model from FHM, Maxim and other men’s magazines, has risen to
famous for her flamboyant appearance as Lisa Hunter on the famous British show
Hollyox. She has achieved notoriety and fame by making impressive performances in
Boogie Woogie, 13 o’clock and more … Report her modeling career
fully considering her new outlook and appearance in everything she does.

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